Zero Waste

Storage – save money by Reusing

Storage often presents a special challenge for people, especially those living in small spaces. Read on if you find yourself asking?
Where do I put this thing? How do I keep all the little items together?Why does this divider organizer thingie cost $50?

Intentional Spaces recommends making the existing storage space in your home work for you. If you do this, you won’t need to purchase any expensive “storage solution” products. Search out for any small boxes about your home.  Electronics boxes tend to work quite well, also shoeboxes or gift boxes. When you reuse what you already have, that’s also a win for your wallet! 

spice bottles stored in kitchen drawers
Spices stored in kitchen drawers with boxes.

In this photo, spice bottles fit nicely into a set of 2 drawers in the center island, directly behind the cook top. Spices don’t have to be stored in a fancy (read: “expensive”) rotating carousel gadget – go with what works, using the existing available space.

Marie Kondo highly recommends to her clients and followers to use small boxes for storage and organization. I complete agree!

You can solve your storage problems with things you already have in the house…I have tried all kinds of storage products, but have never found any other that is free and still surpasses the shoebox.

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