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Junk Mail Taking Over? 7 Secrets to get off the lists

advertising mail
My house used to get flooded by junk mail, until I took action.

You’ve seen junk mail in its many forms – slick, colorful and full of coupons promising savings. These paper-wasters arrive innocently enough, but exist mainly to lure you to buy things you don’t need. As a result of this overwhelming experience, I have broken down the main categories of junk mail. Check out the following solid resources which will help you get off the company mailing lists for GOOD.

Junk Mail comes from many sources – check for type first

Coupons and bundled advertiser fliers

You have seen many companies with coupon mailers out there, but I have found these 2 have nationwide reach. Above all else, getting your address off these lists should cut the largest volume of paper coming in.

Valpak coupons
These seem to multiply and show up every week at our house. Who is “Current Occupant” and why do they get so much junk mail? Do yourself a favor and opt-out at the source.

Retail Me Not (formerly Red Plum)
You know those glossy, colorful mailers with all the inserts? One day I happened to notice a separate post card in my mailbox with a Red Plum logo next to the US Postage Paid mark. A quick Google search and I found this site, where I entered my home address address. They claim that in 5-6 weeks, the mailings should stop.

UPDATE: as of July 8, 2018:
Red Plum is now known as Retail Me Not, but the link above is still valid.

Paper Phone Books – does anyone even use these?

Yellow Pages opt-out
Despite the prevalence of mobile phones and Google Places, there seem to be more phone books and specialized directories published than ever before. With the Internet and Yelp, do we really need to use phone books anymore? Use this site to opt out of several directories all at once.

Data Brokers – selling your address without your consent

This is a data broker, which sells YOUR information to many other companies. They do remove consumers upon request. Their site claims opting out will prevent your name and address from being used in unsolicited communications from DirectLink and Market Magnifier and its customers (other marketing companies).

eBureau opt-out
eBuereau is yet another data broker. Certainly even more such companies exist, but eBureau and LexisNexis make up the largest. Get yourself off their lists today!

Overwhelmed with junk mail? Start first with DMA Choice.

DMA Choice

  • When you start attacking the junk mail flooding your mailbox, DMA Choice is a great place to start.
  • You can opt-out of hundreds of direct-mailing companies who purchase names and addresses from the Direct Marketing Association.
  • Getting mail for a deceased family member? This form should take care of a lot any junk mail arriving in their name.

For long-term maintenance, use Catalog Choice.

Catalog Choice

  • Another big step to to reduce the volume of junk mail requires you to sign up, but it is free and well worth it.
  • You can add multiple names/addresses to your Profile, e.g. yourself, partner, child, etc.
  • Once you get things set up, then you can search for almost ANY catalog, charity or mass-mailing company and send a quick request to that company to remove you from their list.
  • I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months and the flood of catalogs has gone down drastically.