hotel room

Do you want calm and clutter-free space in YOUR house? Take a cue from the travel industry! When I travel, I absolutely love arriving at a new hotel and marveling at how clean and serene the space feels.

Believe it or not, hotels carefully design guest rooms to provide just enough – not more, not less. Among the carefully selected simple furnishings:

  • a bed with simple linens
  • nightstands with a clock, lamp, and empty drawers
  • a closet with a few hangers
  • an empty set of drawers
  • a bathroom with towels and single serving toiletries
  • minimal and subtle decor

One more thing completes the guest experience, or rather, a lack of things. This nearly-imperceptible element provides the key to the serenity you experience: empty space. Open spaces comprise a vital part of the experience; leaving space open very much on purpose to allow room for YOU, plus the luggage you bring. You and your bags (hopefully packed with just the essentials) complete the room and now it is no longer feels so empty after all.

So if you feel overwhelmed by a cluttered home or office, desperately wishing for a calm and peaceful space… think about your last vacation and remember to leave some room yet unfilled. Imagine arriving home and feeling relaxed, just like on vacation.

Note, I’m not advocating styling your space exactly like a hotel room, unless you’re really into the idea. Think of this as a mental exercise.

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