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Professional organization services to transform your home or office into a useful and beautiful space. What is your intention for YOUR new space? Services include: * de-cluttering of all types - physical, digital, emotional * filing for papers * sorting and purging clutter * removing items to donate/recycle (so you don't have to deal with it!) * emotional support What we are NOT: * a house-keeping service * a temporary fix * a "closet system"
Intentional Spaces
Intentional Spaces3 months ago
Sometimes you just have to laugh about clutter... but this could actually be a useful technique for determining what is truly essential. or junk which just takes up space (which you need to clear out for shelf-stable food and other emergency Apocalypse supplies!) .
Intentional Spaces
Intentional Spaces4 months ago
Spices don't have to be vertical if you have big drawers! Intentional Spaces is all about making the existing storage work for you, so there is no need to purchase any expensive "storage solution" products.
Intentional Spaces
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Intentional Spaces
Intentional Spaces5 months ago
Digital Decluttering and why it matters Too many tabs? Inbox overflowing? Tons of apps cluttering up your Home screen so you can't focus? Our digital spaces mirror our physical spaces in many ways, which is why I encourage my clients to also review and streamline their computers and mobile devices as part of their decluttering process. Here are some fantastic articles from simplicity bloggers I respect.
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Intentional Spaces
Intentional Spaces8 months ago
The Swedes have it right - don't leave it all for your loved ones! Intentional Spaces can help elders and families downsize so their golden years are free of clutter.
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