Professional organization services to de-clutter and transform your home into a beautiful space.

What is your intention for YOUR new space?

Services include

  • de-cluttering of all types – physical and digital
  • paper sorting and filing
  • sorting and purging of items
  • emotional support to let go when things do not give you joy
  • removing items to donate/recycle (so you don’t have to deal with it!)

Intentional Spaces is NOT

  • a housecleaning service
  • trying to sell you an expensive “closet system”
  • a temporary fix
Jess Hostetter, Professional Organizer
Jess Hostetter, Professional Organizer

About the Organizer

Jess helps clients of all ages achieve their ideal space by clear the clutter, so you can have the space and time to experience the most important things in your life.  Organizing techniques include elements and systems from KonMari, Zero Waste Home, sacred space clearing, and simple DIY home solutions.

Jess has nurtured a life-long passion for organizing and launched Intentional Spaces in 2017. Now serving all of San Luis Obispo county.

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